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Wednesday, January 20, 2017 ...

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Terdering a cellphone belonging to Reyfa, whoever called on that night. Because he did not recognize the number, Reyfa was reluctant to raise the phone, but the sound was unending, his cellphone continued to tremble continuously. Until the end ;

"Who is it? Know what time it is already at what time!" With a rough tone

"This is Seyna Rey, don't watch it first" With a sad tone

Reyfa was overtaken, Why did Seyna call her and be sad. Because he was afraid of meddling in the business between Fariz and Seyna he only answered;

"Already malem, tomorrow it's already sleepy" The most appropriate reason for him. Then turn off the phone.

After turning off the phone Reyfa was even confused and curious about what had happened, why could Seyna be so sad that she said it was so weak.

22.49 Rain falls, the air blows full then a glass that is between the study table and the wardrobe falls #Preaaaaaang.

"What is the sign of this?"

Because Reyfa had a bad pattern, he changed his clothes and looked for Fariz to their usual places to visit and asked his close friends. But there was no news, Reyfa visited Fariz's residence. Mrs. Fariz was in front of the house at that time.

"Good evening, I'm sorry, ma'am there is no Fariz, I don't have a job yet?" A ridiculous reason for not knowing the right reason.

"You are Fariz's friend? Loh fariz, it doesn't stop school."

There was no attitude to turn to lie unless there was something to say about Reyfa's mistaken treatment. But immediately, Fariz approached Mother and Reyfa.

"Loh, you've recovered? Just tomorrow I want to go home to visit. Kenalin, my name is Reyfa, yesterday he was ill at the hospital."

"I just ordered it or if you stopped it two weeks ago"

"Yuk Rey in my cave room"

"What are you doing?"

Immediately pulled Reyfa's hand into Fariz's house without saying a word.

"I broke up"

The cold night was very hot, the air blew the blowing blowing fresh air. Sounds a little good to Reyfa and is bad for Fariz. Reyfa smelled the smell of the opportunity to get into Seyna's heart ...

4. Awkward

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