Unable - Things

The figure of the beautiful woman he saw at night filled with drama in a place and it turned out that he was a lover of Reyfan's friends, how unfortunate Reyfan couldn't expect more about my view of him.

Only Reyfan and his feelings knew that he had admired his character, for some reason that feeling came too fast like a game in crossword puzzles that I easily accomplished in an instant. Even though the heart and mind have fallen on him, the eyes seem to be closed tightly by a space that he really belongs to.

"Lugu and beautiful, know Rey is called Seyna"

"Hi Rey"

Impressed I heard a greeting coming out of his mouth, silent and silent and could not say anything when the woman greeted me.

"How come diem, is something wrong with him?" -Fariz

"No, she's beautiful. Don't waste it."

"Hehe" -Seyna

Even when he laughed, his face was getting more beautiful, it felt a sense of heart every time he saw it.

10:00 p.m. / Sunday - The more late the night crashes, the cooler the blowing blows. A group of friends drank a red beer and this has been done as usual (except Reyfan)

Reyfan is just cool to experience his cellphone which is really nothing, just repeat to the homescreen. then a cluster of villages next door came looking for trouble, they threw stones at Reyfan and his friend. Instantly Seyna was hit by a stone throw that was right on her head. Fariz was angry, and chased after the village boy next to it.

"Please look after me"

"Hm, where are you going?" Surprised by Fariz.

Fariz without answering went straight to the next village boy, where Fariz chased him. where there were only 6 people left and Reyfan, Seyna was one of them. With Seyna being drunk, one of them said.

"Bring Seyna home for Rey only"

"Waaaah, gill. What do people say?"

"Yes, than we keep the children we need to help others"

"No, you guys"

they did not move to find the village boy next to it. 1 Hour later Fariz and the others came with a look of annoyance.

"Did you meet the person?"

"Almost, just off"

By looking at the conditions that occurred, Reyfan chose to hurry home, because the situation there was getting hotter.

4. Awkward

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